A summary of the services that we as a company render, would include the following:

·         Bulk printing and book binding. (Wire, Heat and Spiral binding)

·         Letterheads

·         Business cards

·         Compliment slips, etc

·         Supply of Stationery and Office furniture

·         Customisation of stationery as well as office supplies to enhance the image of the purchasing company.

Specialised stationery and folders for conferences, meetings and training courses





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“Nyeko Printing” is

 A group of skilled individuals, expert in all forms of image replication, from web or sheet-fed litho or Screen printing to large format digital printing.

“Nyeko Printing” pools its knowledge-base to source the best quality and prices for your print requirements, primarily from the highly skilled and technologically advanced South African print industry.

Due to the low value of the South African currency against the US dollar, the pound Sterling, the euro, and the yen. The result is: pricing completely in your favour!

“Nyeko Printing” places millions of Rands worth of business each year, AT NO ADDITIONAL FEE OR COMMISSION TO YOU, THE CUSTOMER!
(A commission is negotiated from the printer with which the work is placed.)

“Nyeko Printing’” expertise oversees the process from your supplied digital file, back to your door as your desired product, with flawless precision.

“Nyeko Printing” continuously updates its records on the strengths and weaknesses of the many print companies available to ensure that the best printer has the best price and quality for your product. At no additional cost to yourself, ever!
Put profit into your printed product.

Put “Nyeko Printing” to the test with a print enquiry mailto:info@nyeko.co.za

Several companies have been with us for 5 years now,
PROOF that our resources are COST-EFFICIENT and put PROFIT into our customer’s products !
Let us work for you, at NO COST to yourselves, EVER !








  A4+ Presentation Folders - 244mm x 306mm

                        Students Award Certificates



·  No other Printing Company can match or beat our offers. It is our Guarantee

·  Nyeko Printing is the Only Printing Company offering Free Professional Graphic Designing With your printing Order

·  Your Order also includes choice of Lamination or Varnish. Absolutely Free

·  Join Thousands Of Our Customers & Take Advantage Of Huge Savings





Reinforced Presentation Folders       



Special Gift Certificates


Text Box:  info@nyeko.co.za








Our Product Base Comprises


From sheet-fed to web, from monthlies to annuals . All types of binding available.
Up to 8 colours available and "Scratch and Sniff" technology...

From Product Directories to Telephone books

Hard-case ,padded covers, soft covers. From Novels to Diaries- you name it.

Embossed, foiled, gold corners, personalised? We can source it.

Annual reports
National or multi-national Corporates, we produce many. Superlative quality, befitting the demands of your client.

Product handbooks
From Auto guides
to Appliance instruction books. Just ask us !

Wall-type, desk-type, tents, folded, rolled spiral-bound, drilled-whatever you want.

Corporate reviews
Newsletters/ company mags for companies around the world.

Point-of-sale materials
Die-cut pennants, strung banners, promotional handouts, all old hats.

From A4 to A1, political to provocative. From paper to corex, board to plastic. Just send us the spec.

From silk-screened to digital and PVC to canvas to paper, from one colour to many colours.

Are these still around? Of course they are. From A5 to bigger. How many colours do you want? One-side only? Both sides? Your choice.

Flat, Z-folded, roll-folded, creased, perforated, numbered. Any option is open.

Replication of CD’s, printing and preparation of their packaging, invoicing and tracking to users, printing on CD’s.

Community newspapers
Hundreds of communities served every day, from small runs to very large.

T – Shirt and cap printing.

…and so on!

If it needs a printer, “Nyeko Printing” has many for each application.

 A4 (210mm x 297mm) Flyers




Die-Cut Greeting Cards

                                          Fast, easy, affordable, high-quality free designing and printing.

                               Design yourself, send us your own design or let us design it for you free of charge.